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On New Years Resolutions, Blogging, and Writers Block

I was recently watching Stephen Fry talk about language. In the beginning there was the word. All of society as we know it, was built on language.

And yet as writers, we often struggle. I created this blog as a means to express myself, and it has slowly fallen fallow. It reminds me of friend Mike Prosceno’s blog: Focussed: Elsewhere “This blog is on hiatus until I can figure out what to do with it next.”

And yet I feel a pressure to continue to write on this blog, to continue to express myself in some arbitrary way. As such, it has became a dumping ground for stuff that didn’t have a proper home. I have ranted, opined, waxed and blubbered about People, Process, Technology, but mostly about stuff.

And lately, nothing. Why? Because the pressure to write, without having either a purpose or a deadline, leaves my mind as colorful as a Rausch Painting.

Rausch White Painting

Rausch White Painting

Has this blog served its purpose, served its time? Should I mark a sign on the front:

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

Or should I relax, recycle, revitalize? Make a New Years Resolution to write something every day. Let me know. The future of this blog lies in your hands.


P.S. The title of this blog has what’s called an Oxford Comma. Though the title would have worked both ways.

Oxford Comma

Oxford Comma

Why does Hackers News have to be so whiney? Open Source SAPUI5

Disclaimer: I’ve been pushing SAP to Open Source their UI platform for some time. So this matters to me.

I found about SAPUI5 finally making it Open Source via whiney news platform Hackers News. SAPUI5 is a general-purpose web framework for application technologies, built on jQuery. It’s not perfect. It’s more than a bit bloated and a little slow, but a bunch of people saw potential in it. In the SAP internal and external developer community, and the customer community.

We also saw that the potential that it had, would be killed by it being a closed framework. So, we lobbied, internally and externally, to make the framework Open Source. Why? For many reasons:

– Open Source can crowdsource product problem resolution and drive the framework forward
– Customers and developers alike can understand the license implications
– SAP can benefit from greater penetration and utilization

In short, we believed that SAPUI5 was a good framework that could become great, and heavily used, by opening up the source to the community. There was no downside, in our estimation.

So, I was sad to read the usual garbage in Hackers News:

“A UI toolkit from SAP, that’s rich.”

“Looks like UI kits from 3 years ago.”

“This looks like ExtJS, but worse than ExtJS.”

“Why is it so slow?”

Alas that’s pretty much what I expected from that website. I really don’t understand why “hackers” don’t see the significance of a company like SAP, that will have struggled hard to make a framework like this Open Source.

This is a really important and good thing for the community. So take a look at OpenUI. If you don’t like something, please contribute. Criticize heavily, from within. Add some value.

But please don’t whine about those people that worked hard, just because it’s SAP.