I’m John Appleby and I head up the Business Analytics & Technology capability at Bluefin Solutions Ltd., who are the largest independent implementors SAP Software in the United Kingdom.

In my personal life I’ve got a passion for the mountains that may come through from time to time. Either as a mountaineer or skier, photographer or climber. Often, all of those at once.

This blog is my attempt at relating my musings about life back to the Enteprise IT world in a more personal way, with an attempt at humour and candour along the way. I hope you enjoy.

If you’re interested in knowing more about me, you might visit my LinkedIn Profile, my Twitter Feed, my Facebook Page or my Corporate Blog.


I am employed by SAP Services Provider Bluefin Solutions, and SAP cover my travel & expenses to major conferences.

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  2. Cheryl

    I liked the blog about immigration. I think the key and most important point is that the immigration officer makes the decision whether you enter or not.

    Just signing up to continue receiving updates, your musings always keep me amused.

  3. Brian W H Ho

    My company is currently experiencing problems in choose the hardware for SAP HANA.

    A simple q&a would be helpful. HP and IBM(Lenovo) ?

  4. Jason Baxter

    Hi John,
    Jason here. I found you post on coffee (The true cost of our caffeine addiction and why Nespresso is not the answer) and want to know a little more about your readership base. Would you have interest in writing about office espresso?


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